Cardijn to Schram 9 June 1955

Joseph Cardijn to Fr Henk Schram OMI

18 June 1953                     9 June 1955                   23 September 1955

Letter from Joseph Cardijn to Fr Henk Schram, OMI, 9 June 1955 

International Secretariat of the Y.C.W. 
Brussels, June 9th, 1955 
78, Poincarélaan, 

Reverend Fr SCHRAM, O.M.I. 
Y.C.W. Headquarters, 
Front Street, 
Colombo 11. 

Very Reverend and Dear Father, 

My sincere thanks for your very interesting news. I must excuse myself though for this late reply, I have been abroad several times during the months of April and May. Thank also reverently His Excellence the Archbishop and the Grand Vicar, Father Fortin, for their support and co-operation. You remember how often I have said that Ceylon and especially Colombo, seem to be, in my mind, of the utmost importance for the operation in the Far East. You are situated at a strategic point between India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia. If you can build a true young workers' movement and with it a Ceylonese movement, it will be an example and support for the neighboring countries. 

Soon there will probably be a Congress for the lay apostolate in the Far East. You see of what great importance all your work is. Give us as much information as possible, so we can pass it on and put it in the spotlight. 

The question of the future young workers who will profit more and more of education and are also being able to go for a longer period to school, makes me think a lot. Through them a new development-phenomena breaks through. How will we make sure that these youngsters, at the moment school-going, will discover their mission towards the society in which they will live tomorrow and for which they will have to carry responsibility? I have touched this question already in my latest letter to Father Ayrinhac (15.7.1954). Several national Y.C.Ws are facing this important but o so delicate problem. 

Tell Father Ayrinhac how grateful I am for his letter of 8th. February and for sending the new editions for adults. I congratulate him from the heart ! Ask him to send regularly three copies to the International Secretariat. 

Pat Peiris, representative from Ceylon, is staying here for a couple of days. I hope to meet him soon. The International Secretariat will certainly give you more news about him. 

Extend many greetings to your co-workers, Fathers and leaders. I am praying a lot for all of you and may God bless you more and more in your endeavors. 

In Christo, 


Jos. Cardijn 
General Chaplain of the Y.C.W. 

Joseph Cardijn to Fr Henk Schram OMI

18 June 1953                     9 June 1955                   23 September 1955