Les écrits de Cardijn

Although he was a Flemish Belgian, most of Cardijn's writings were in French.

The number of books and articles by Cardijn ever translated and published in English is rather limited. Even fewer are currently in print.

In fact, as Cardijn himself noted, the only 'true' book that he ever published was Laymen into Action, which was in fact largely compiled by his secretary Marguerite Fievez from his key speeches over the years.


Joseph Cardijn, Laics en premieres lignes, Ed. universitaires, Paris, 1963, 200p.


Joseph Cardijn, Les Jeunes Travailleurs en Face du Mariage, Ed. Ouvrières, Paris, 1946, 95p.

Joseph Cardijn, Fiancailles et mariages jocistes, Ed. de la jeunesse ouvrière, Paris, 1935, 


Marguerite Fievez and Jacques Meert with the collaboration of Roger Aubert, Cardijn, Preface by Dom Helder Camara, Translated by Edward Mitchinson, Young Christian Workers, London, 1974.


To the best of our knowledge, none of the above books are currently in print.

Second-hand copies may sometimes be found for sale on or