Cardijn to Schram 23 September 1955

Joseph Cardijn to Fr Henk Schram OMI

18 June 1953                     9 June 1955                   23 September 1955

Letter from Joseph Cardijn to Fr Henk Schram, 23 September 1955 

Brussel, 23 September 1955 
Reverend Father SCHRAM, O.M.I. 
Y.C.W. Headquarters, 
Colombo 11, 

Very Reverend and dear Father, 

Returning from Brazil, I find here your very interesting letter about your trip to Australia. I cannot thank you enough for it because we wish fervently to receive more news, and have more contacts with the Y.C.W. from over there. I myself would like to visit there, but the expenses are too heavy. 

What you tell us about the services of the Y.C.W. pleases us very much: training centres, vacation quarters, co-operation and credit, and also co-operation with the trade-unions. The more, the better the co-operation on the social level. It is a wonderful apostolate. See to it that one takes also care that it will be deeply formative, for only then will one form responsible leaders for the future! 

For what concerns the N.C.G.M. of Australia, looking at it from Belgium, it is difficult to know the situation and judge solutions. This case, as well as the one of Australia's role in the Y.C.W. of Asia and the International Y.C.W., I will take up again with Father Toomey, who wrote me recently very extensively about the situation in this country. 

In the beginning of December, there will be a meeting in Manila of representatives from the Far East as preparation of the World Congress in Rome in 1957. I wish that the representatives of the Y.C.W. of Ceylon take part. They can do an extremely good job by informing one another about their actions, and forge a strong bond amongst them of co-operation for further deepening and extension of the Y.C.W. in the Far East. I talked about this with your Archbishop when he visited us here. Please insist on being present there, as well as other lay-people who from now on will be conscious of their responsibilities. 

You will have received already the news about the international Y.C.W. pilgrimage to Rome in September 1957. It is of the utmost importance, for the many materialistic ideas which influence youth and promise them better living standards, without wanting to recognise the divine origins and real purpose of life. It will also create an opportunity to forge unbreakable apostolic ties amongst the participants of all countries, colors, languages and races. I hope that the Ceylonese Y.C.W. will splendidly be represented. One is already busy everywhere with saving, collections, propaganda and preparation for this the greatest realisation of the World-Y.C.W.. How happy I will be to welcome you there with your representatives. 

To realize all this, it will be necessary to adapt the questions of the inquiry to the situation of each country and to start and follow it up at well timed stages. 

I would be grateful to receive your remarks as national chaplain (you will surely have received already the complete questionnaire) and I attach great importance to the fact that the boys- and girls-leaders will inform the International Secretariat of their experiences and suggestions, so that also other countries could enjoy them. 

Once more, thanks for your co-operation. Many greetings and best wishes to your confreres, your leaders, and to all Y.C.W. boys and girls of Ceylon. God bless you and all of them abundantly! I pray for all of you. 


Jos. Cardijn 

General Chaplain of the Y.C.W.

Joseph Cardijn to Fr Henk Schram OMI

18 June 1953                     9 June 1955                   23 September 1955